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In addition to our extensive software solutions, we would like to offer our customers added value, above all through our outstanding service. For this reason, we have made it our task to satisfy higher demands than others put to us.

„Make it to your task to satisfy higher demands than others to you.“ – Henry Ward Beecher 

What Henry Ward Beecher recognized early on is now all the more valid. Especially in the IT market, today there is no longer only the right solution. The key to success is individualization & service. We would therefore like to provide you with the most up-to-date software and help you to find the right solution for your company. We would like to contribute to your success through our services!


We help you make the right decisions for your future

You have chosen JD Edwards EnterpriseOne or are you already an experienced user? Need help with implementation or data migration? With our professional project management we stand by your side and do not lose sight of the goal. Through our many years of experience with JD Edwards applications in successful national as well as international projects we are optimally equipped. With our structured approach, open communication and optimal transparency, you are in good hands with us.

We analyze your entire business processes regardless of the software you already use. In doing so, we take into account existing industry standards and other specifics, to capture your exact requirements as best as possible.

We plan to work together with JD Edwards as your business processes. In addition, all necessary modules and individualizations are integrated into the planning. In addition to a detailed technical concept, you will receive a transparent cost overview and a time and project plan at the end of the planning phase. Our experienced engineers install EnterpriseOne on the deployed servers and configure the passgenau for your company software. If new hardware is to be used, we can offer you a quotation. IBM or Oracle hardware.

We train your staff and assist you with the commissioning of EnterpriseOne on the spot with advice and action, so that you have a comfortable start. With our support packages, they are also very well-catered beyond the projects, because we work according to the established ITIL standard including binding reaction times.


Of course, we will not leave you alone after the introduction and look after you with the comprehensive vision support packages. With the care and support of the application as well as the user support, we ensure the perfect operation of your applications. In addition, we are always at your disposal for technical and technical questions.

All inquiries receive a ticket with us, so that they can be tracked, forwarded and evaluated in time. In addition to customer tickets, we also track calls, which we open up on behalf of the customer at the manufacturer in order to solve technical problems if necessary. After editing the calls received, the ticketer is informed of the current status by email.

The tickets are classified and prioritized by the helpdesk.

If the 1st-level support employee can not handle the request himself, the ticket is assigned to the 2nd-level support. The Ticketer is also informed about this.

The tickets are given the following priorities and are to be processed and solved using the solution periods shown.

Major / 5 hours

High / 3 Days

Medium / 10 Days

Low / 20 Days

 Vision IT Consulting GmbH offers you three different support packages:

Vision Tech Support

Technical support includes the tasks listed below, e.g. Maintenance of EnterpriseOne installation, control of system logs, basic administration and administration of security.

All services are provided by Vision IT Consulting GmbH or its assigned consultants.

System Monitoring

Control of the system logs in order to be able to actively counteract problems pro.

User Management

Manage users in JD Edwards. This is designed to protect customers from unauthorized users accessing the system.

Security Management

The administration of the security settings in JD Edwards. Security is an important component of an ERP system as data and programs are protected against access and can only be released for certain groups of people.

Promotion- and Packagemanagement

EnterpriseOne developments, setups, and patches need From the development environment into the prototype environment so that they can be tested, or must be transferred from the prototype environment to the production environment.

Database Administration

The administration of the database plays a central role for the availability, performance and operation of the EnterpriseOne environments. Our CNC services include the maintenance of the database, the import of database updates, the optimization of the configuration parameters and the performance optimization. In addition, the data refreshing of the prototype and development environments is performed directly with database tools.

This is because the hardware is at the customer’s computer center, but it has no work at all. To monitor and edit the Installed Servers, we do the following:

  • System Administration
  • Server, Fat and HTML client administration
  • Patch Management
  • Change Management
  • Web Service Administration
  • Security
  • Installation and Upgrade
  • DB Backup and Recovery

Vision App Support

Application support is a subset of application management and includes the long-term maintenance, support and further development of its EnterpriseOne landscape to defined service level agreements (SLAs).

Our application support specialists will usually be responsible for the technical administration of the EnterpriseOne application. This means that we are available for technical and technical questions about the application and within the Incident management (German: IT-Störungsmanagement) through appropriate procedures ensure the perfect operation of the application in the team. Our tasks in application support include both the maintenance and support of the application as well as the user support.

The user support is provided as 1st and / or 2nd level support. Behind these two concepts is a hierarchical division of the support, in order to differentiate competencies and to separate areas of responsibility. First-level support is the first point of contact for all incoming support requests. The employee is responsible for their complete recording, including all the necessary additional information, and processes them according to his / her knowledge largely independently. Second-level support supports first-level support, both through on-the-job training and through more complex inquiries.

Vision Comfort Support

Vision Comfort Support is our complete offer for you. For this, you combine Tech Support with App Support and thus ensure a holistic support.


Consulting is our strength

As a company for IT consulting, we have considerable know-how. We have specialized in software solutions from the areas of ERP and PIM through many years of successful projects. Vision IT Consulting GmbH supports you with the introduction, further development and maintenance of your systems. Together, we develop a software-independent company strategy, which allows you to work more efficiently with your IT systems in the future.

Our close cooperation with external employees from a wide range of industries means that we are always up-to-date. Our team has a wide variety of different industry experiences, which allows us to advise you in almost every area. Our goal is always to optimize your technical and strategic processes so that you always remain competitive.

A good advice differs in that we do not want the best for us but the best for YOU! We work together with you and always aim to achieve the given goals. Our approach has proven itself over many years.

The basis of our consulting is a structured analysis of all individual processes so that we can show you in detail, where there are improvement potentials. To this end, we can offer you reliable ERP systems, which can be individually adapted to your requirements and extended.

In addition to an accurate and comprehensive consultation, our overall package also includes the analysis and provision of individual solutions for your business.


Learning made easy – through training and trainings of the Vision IT

We offer you individual training courses and trainings for administrators and users at your premises. We know that in the case of profound changes, such as a software change within a company, the human factor is at the forefront. For this reason, our employees are sensitized to make a special effort to adjust their staff comprehensively to the changes.

Since often very individual processes and requirements occur depending on the company, no training is like the other. We first determine the training needs of your users and derive your training plan from this. In addition, you can inform us about the content of the training in particular. Depending on the training content, group size and group composition, the duration of the training may vary.

We promise that after successful participation in our trainings, each participant is familiar with the software and is confident of it. Because we know that ongoing operations depend on whether the employees accept and understand the system used.

Our training and training courses are held for all software solutions. If you have any questions about our training or other services, do not hesitate to contact us.